Radwar Party 2010

celebrating the 25th anniversary of Radwar!

23.10.2010 - Discothek "Invincula"

Don't forget to check out these Youtube-Videos:


    Beginn 19:00 - entry cost 7,00 Euro
    (if there are already enough people, we will be able to enter at 18:00 or 17:00)

    Arcade Video Game Competion
    (Arcade Machines kindly provided by Wolfsoft GmbH and US-Way)

    2 floors for music with Rock, Indie and Metal
    Special lounge area with more seating and less music
    Open air area (if weather permits)
    Autograph Session with "Factor 5" ;-)

The prices (Books, Magazines and CDs) for the Videogame-Competition are proudly provided by:

The official results of the Videogame Competition:

Qualification Round "Pac-Man"

    6460 Points - Montezuma / TRSI
    5960 Points - ZAZ / TWG
    5520 Points - Zeron / Factor 5

worst Player: 1430 Points - AVH / Radwar

Final Round "Street Fighter 2" (round of last 8 - PvP)

Winner:    Mario "Hawkeye" van Zeist / Boys without Brains
2nd Place: Zeron / Factor 5

Very Special Thanks to Wolfsoft GmbH for the Arcade machine

Radwar Party 2010

celebrating 25 Years of Radwar

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Radwar Party 2017

1. April 2017 19:41

Tickets will be sold in advance only!

Order your tickets for 19,41 Euros by sending an email to


Please state your name, address and number of tickets.

Official Radwar Party 2017 Invitation Demo released

Get the official Radwar Party 2017 Invitation Demo for C64 from CSDB!

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