Radwar Party 2007

Invitation Demo "Lautschrift" ranked #5 at Breakpoint 2007

The C64-4k-Competition was cancelled because there weren't enough entries. So we decided to compete in the "normal" C64-Demo-Category but we only achieved rank #5.

But the Party was canceled when our Lead-Organizer TC had to deal with more important issues due to a death of a family member.

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Radwar Party 2017

1. April 2017 19:41

Tickets will be sold in advance only!

Order your tickets for 19,41 Euros by sending an email to


Please state your name, address and number of tickets.

Official Radwar Party 2017 Invitation Demo released

Get the official Radwar Party 2017 Invitation Demo for C64 from CSDB!

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